Project Information!


We launched the biggest Real Madrid Community in the world with thousands of real awards!
Share your photos, memes, videos or even write articles as you do on facebook and other platforms but here for each material we will give you 1 point. You collect points and you will get real awards for free.

How you can join this project?


  • You make an account – You are getting 10 points!
  • You are visiting us everyday – You are getting 1 point per visit per day!
  • You are adding 1 material and after material is accepted You are getting 1 point!Soon more options!

How many points do you have already?

You can check on your account or in the main table which is here – Leaderboard !

We will organise also many quizzes and contests for our followers!

So everyday you can win something for FREE!

What you can win? We will share some examples!

1. We have our own clothes series! We have a professional cartoonist in the team – you collect points and you are getting these T-Shirts and other awards for FREE! We will have soon more and more!

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